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HR Best Operating Practice

Assessments of current HR practice and recommendations for their improvement. Development and implementation where required.

HR Policies & Procedures

Effective organisations require clear HR policies and procedures, understood by all employees. Important matters such as disciplinary codes and procedures, conditions of service or business ethics (amongst others) should be clearly stated in writing and communicated to all employees.

Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

Chairing of disciplinary and appeal hearings and preparation for CCMA cases. Facilitation of labour disputes and general advice on managing conflict in the workplace.

HR Management Information Systems

SmartHR is one of the most comprehensive human resources management information systems on the market today. SmartHR collects human resources information that’s scattered over disconnected, independent systems, spreadsheets or databases and places it in a central database, ready for use at a moment’s notice. It also taps into your line-of-business systems through synchronised, seamless integration technology. Functionality includes People Administration, Talent Management, Performance Management, Time Management and Payroll Management.

Performance Management

Defining roles and responsibilities and coaching towards achieving business goals and strategies. Goal setting, performance reviews and communicating about performance across all levels of performance.

Change Management

People and teams are regularly affected by organisational change and people processes are required to support change initiatives as organisations progress through transition.

Career & Succession Planning

An ever-changing workforce requires effective career and succession planning to match the organisation needs with employee needs and to ensure the placement of competent and talented employees in key positions.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensating employees according to their value to the organisation and in relation to their job scope and size. Ensuring consistent and equitable compensation levels and the use of appropriate financial and non-financial incentives to drive individual and business performance.

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